Under the Volcano

2012 Director: Sebastian Harder
Editor: Sebastian Harder/Greig Oldford
Writer: Sebastian Harder/Greig Oldford
VFX: Sebastian Harder
Starring: Greig Oldford, Marie Kozlova, Sean Kemp, Jason Pelley, Andrew Gormley
With funding from the NFB and CFAT

Under the Volcano Trailer

Under the Volcano

Making Under the Volcano

Behind the Scenes of Under the Volcano

About Under the Volcano

'Under the Volcano' is a short film project co-written by Sebastian Harder and Greig Oldford and starring Greig Oldford, Marie Kozlova, Jason Pelley, Colleen MacIsaac, Sean Kemp and others.

The film is set on a volcanic island. Mark (Greig Oldford) works at a power company which harvests the geothermal energy the island relies upon. But is abuse of the resource causing earthquakes? His charismatic supervisor (Jason Pelley) and a strange young woman (Marie Kozlova) force Mark to confront his demons.

We are grateful to acknowledge the support of the Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT) and the National Film Board (NFB) in this project.


Set decoration by Marie Kozlova