Huzzah is a multi-disciplinary company providing a range of services primarily for the film industry. Huzzah does pre-vis, set design, VFX and more. See SERVICES for more information.
Sebastian Harder is the brains behind Huzzah and he brings a passion for the arts to every project. He is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. He's won some AWARDS too!

Huzzah has worked on a ton of different projects! This included VFX for the hit show Baroness Von Sketch and Detention Adventure. It also includes award winning production design for Deep Six as well as the upcoming 'Queer Haircuts' and 'Emerald Code'. Huzzah Design has also done a whole lot of pre-production work, mostly for TV commercials. This has included set and prop design as well as animatics.
Clients of Huzzah Design include Shaftesbury, Frantic Films, Crux, Space Mop and many others.

There's also some free stuff! There's you'll find tutorials on a few different subjects as well as other resources that folks working in this field may find helpful.