Huzzah has created previs for dozens of projects and many different clients.

In a film setting previs is typically used to show the director and/or client what the art director has in mind for sets and props. It's an essential part of getting everybody on the same page and it's the best way to avoid nasty surprises and expensive last minute changes. The previs is revised until everybody is happy.

Sometimes the previs is photo-realistic, other times it's stylized or technical- it depends on the requirements of the project.

Previs is also useful for figuring out how particular parts of the set will function practically and it also allows the Director of Photography to select the best camera angles in advance of actually seeing the set, saving time on shoot day.


Previs doesn't need to be static. Animatics are short videos that demonstrate how the camera/ set/ props will function. These can be especially useful if the camera moves through the set.

The more work you can do before you show up to set, the more smoothly things will go, and previs is a vital part of that.


Huzzah has created motion graphics for a number of projects. This includes the title sequence for a TV show, promotional materials and many others. Huzzah is well versed in 2D and 3D animation.


Huzzah has been involved in a number of projects that required VFX. Most recently Huzzah was one of several vendors providing VFX for the hit CBC TV show Baroness Von Sketch. Huzzah has also done VFX work for a number of other CBC shows, web series, music videos etc.


Sebastian Harder has art directed a number of web series and other independent film productions, most recently Deep 6.


Huzzah has created a great deal of art for TV commercials, designed logos, posters, pamphlets and a book cover. Design is the foundation of just about everything else Huzzah does.